18 in 1 Snowflake Multi Tool

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  1. High quality
  2. Material: Stainless Steel
  3. Size: 6.4 * 6.4cm
  4. Weight: 78g
  5. Random Color
  6. 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool features incredible 18 tools,
  7. Flathead screwdrivers,
  8. # 3 and # 2 Phillips screwdrivers,
  9. 4, 5 and 6mm Allen screws,
  10. 1/4 box cutter in end keys 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 mm end key.
  11. This 18-in-1 snow tool can be used to open the beer bottle, turn the screw, fix snowboarding, bicycle, toys.
  12. It also can be used for outdoor activities, such as camping, boarding, rescue and something that might be used.
  13. The unique snowflake shaped design allows us to creatively use nature’s perfect shape to combine with functionality and design in our compact multi-tool.
  14. Multi-tool which weighs only 2.3 ounces and just over 2? long is so easy to be taken along with and can be as a gift or a hanging drop.
  15. It comes with a key ring. It can be hung on a key or backpack. Key ring is designed to avoid the possibility of loss.
  16. Made of nickel-plated stainless steel for a perfect toughness and corrosion resistance, environmental tools, small size, simple operation.
  17. Durable metal material, variety of practical screw head